Team is what

We work as a team following the rule “If you can do something to the benefit of your team, you cannot not do it.” We have an open attitude to changes, whereas our resourcefulness can arouse envy in many an author writing books on creativity. Our priority is the interest of the company, honesty and the rules of ‘fair play’. The secret of our success is our joint responsibility for whatever we do. Making one another aware of the purpose of the joint efforts as well as showing mutual support both improves the quality of our work and strengthens the bonds.

We benefit from the pool of resources

The culture of our organization is a creative mixture of Polish and Japanese management systems and life philosophies. Being members of a combined team, we benefit from the 6S+ 2S, 5W, JIT traditions of the Far East, while the KAIZEN rules are used on every day basis. We are motivated by a Confucian principle: “The perfecting of one’s self is the fundamental base of all progress and all moral development.” The development of heart (shin), skill (gi) and body (tai) helps keep the balance between professional life and personal goals. By thinking positively and focusing on improvement combined with innovative technology and knowledge, we are able to accomplish our objectives.

Open-minded to
new things

We put personality first. We are looking for open-minded people keen on pursuing a dynamic and challenging career with no room for boredom! Your willing attitude is what matters most. Lack of experience is not a problem for us. Just show us your best. Are you interested in Japanese culture? Great! You can expand your knowledge and share your experience with others. If the culture of the Far East is not really your most favourite topic, you will certainly get an opportunity to change your mind and become a sushi fan!

Sharing the knowledge

When taking your first steps in Sohbi you will not walk alone. We all were “newcomers” once. If you join us, we will give you a tour of the entire plant. You will see what team work is really about and will have an opportunity to meet all your future workmates. Our open-space office also facilities a more friendly work atmosphere by allowing us a direct visual contact without having to hide in separate boxes. You will also be free to ask and voice any queries you might have. None of your questions will ever go unanswered!
You will always feel the support of your workmates, whereas the knowledge and experience you acquire within our international environment will prove invaluable.

Small steps forward

All Sohbi employees start their career with a thorough induction training during which a number of Sohbi Policies are introduced such as the industrial safety rules in place within the organization, the organizational flowchart of the company, and the decision chart. They also get familiarized with the culture of the company and its core values.

We need

We are managing very well, but it can be even better with you! Check if any of our job offers might be of interest to you. Read it carefully and make you decision. Do you want to apply?

You want to join SCPL team but You haven’t found any interesting job offer? Do a first step and fill a questionnaire. This will introduce Your person to us.

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